martes, 20 de enero de 2009

I have been tagged......

Five things I do to keep my mind and life balanced.
I have been tagged by my good friend Fotf of Constallations, , to list five things I do to keep my mind and life balanced.

I had the idea to make an illo to show you the things I do. The order is not important,

1. Love simple things of life

2. Always be positive and happy.

3. Focus on what I need to do everyday.

4. Take life easy, everything will be ok.

5. Always see everything with sense of hummor.

And never stop to be amazed by all the things life and the universe bring me.

Now I tag:

Emily of

Linda of

Monica of

Prash of

Renee of

But if you do or have something to share with everybody, please feel free to tag yourself, in fact , would love if you do it.

Ale xx

6 comentarios:

Fotf dijo...

Thanks for taking part and sharing Ale, can you tell me what illo is, love your drawings too. Thanks for stopping by :-)

Cathy Gatland dijo...

Very good things to remember, and cute illustrations!

Fotf dijo...

Hi Ale, what i meant was what does Illo stand for i won an ACEO but unlike ATC i don't know what ACEO means my ACEO looks like an ATC lol :-)

sketched out dijo...

Great inspiration and advice and it was a great idea to illustrate it! Very sweet illo and also very inspiring! Thanks for tagging me! I feel very honored that you chose me.

Mouse Prints dijo...

I love the way you illustrated this. I too love to draw and view other peoples drawings. I have added your blog to my favorites and look forward to seeing many more of your sketches.

ale balanzario dijo...

Thanks Mouse Prints, for your visit and nice comment.