lunes, 17 de mayo de 2010

Angel Equipment

Angel Equipment.

Aquí tienen mi entrada para ésta semana para IF, Equipo, un pequeño angel en pijama nos enseña su equipo... pero hace falta dos cosas, me pueden decir cuales?

En mi blog de quilts tengo un Giveaway, pasen a dejar su comentario, pueden ser el o la ganadora.

Here you have my entry for this week for IF, Equipment, a little angel in its pjs, showing everybody its equipment, but... there are missing two things. Can you tell me them?

I have a giveaway in my quilts blog, stop over and leave me a message, you could win it.

Have a fantastic day

3 comentarios:

Fotf dijo...

Another goodie :)

ale balanzario dijo...

Thanks Fotf, its so good to have you visiting my blog again,

eLIZabeth Floyd dijo...

Hola Ale, I love this image and the idea of listing the equipment needed by an angel.

I also love your quilt squares, you are so talented! Keep up the great work. Liz