miércoles, 1 de diciembre de 2010

Savour for IF

Mmmm!!! los aromas de la cocina, y nada como un buen chocolate con canela y calientito!!!

Muchas, muchas gracias por sus lindos comentarios, me hacen super feliz!!
Qué tengan un lindo día.

Mmmmm!! can you smell this hot chocolate with cinnamon?, it is so good!!

I thank you so much for all your wonderful comments, read each one of them brings a smile in my face and heart, :D

Have a lovely day!!

10 comentarios:

Missy dijo...

So cute!

rossichka dijo...

Mmmm, it looks delicious! I like the snowflakes - sweet Christmas details!:)

Beth Anne Maresca dijo...

Adorable...it does look so yummy!

Debra Cooper dijo...

Simply adorable. That's how I feel when I have a cup of cocoa! It's cold enough here I think I'll have a cup.
Your work is really great, thanks for commenting on mine.

blue china studio dijo...

Such a cute warm and cozy illustration. Hot chocolate sounds delicious!

michele dijo...

Sharing a cup of cocoa with you from California! :o)

Beedeebabee dijo...

Hi Ale! I was just visiting sweet Lori's blog, and I ran over to say hello! Your artwork is positively charming! :) Paulette

Rita Vermeersch dijo...

Realy lovely designs, so cute. Thank you for your comment.
Big Hug

Lancerika dijo...

Would love a cup
of hot chocolat
right now!
Your sweet illustrations
make me smile:)

Debbie dijo...

I love hot chocolate! Very cute! I saw your cute nativity set on Lori's blog!