domingo, 12 de junio de 2011

After parting...

After parting, chores... yes thats for sure, we all had lots of fun at the party, now its time to do some chores... what?? the two little brothers said, ehem, we are just about to get off!

Hope you all are having a good Sunday.

Después de andar de fiesta, a limpiar la casa... claro, eso es seguro, después de todo el bailoteo, habrá que limpiar la casa... qué? los dos hermanitos preguntaron, ejem. nosotros, ya vamos de salida!

Espero que tengan un muy buen Domingo


2 comentarios:

rossichka dijo...

These characters are wonderful, Ale! It's so nice to see them in different situations. You could create and illustrate a whole story about them!:)

ale balanzario dijo...

Thanks Rossichka, yes , every time I see them popping up on my sketchbook, I see them going into an illustrate story.
Im so glad you like them.