lunes, 4 de julio de 2011


When the little one has a stomach pain, the best remedy is a camomille tea
Cuando el pequeñín tiene dolor de estomago, el mejor remedio es un te de manzanilla

When the little one´s whole body is sore, the best remedy is to do nothing.
Cuando al pequeñín le duele todo el cuerpo, el mejor remedio es no hacer nada.

Hello my dear friends, "REMEDY" is the word for this week for IF, well, there are lots of pains, but the little one and me, don´t like to take many drugs, so we look for another remedies, here I want to share two, this time with digital illustration, I will try to do some more, to give you some ideas of the remedies...
Have a good day!

Hola mis queridos amigos, "REMEDIOS" es la palabra para ésta semana de IF, hay muchos tipos de dolores que necesitan remedios, pero al pequeñín y a mi, no nos gusta tomar medicinas, por los que les iré compartiendo los remedios que nos gustan.
Les deseo a todos un muy buen día.


4 comentarios:

rossichka dijo...

Dear Ale, I am a BIG fan of your "little one"!! I see the tea has helped him and he's having a good sleep now in the open air! By the way, your digital drawings have their charm, too!:)

ale balanzario dijo...

Thanks Rossichka, Im so glad you like my "little one",

Anne Curthoys dijo...

Great illustration, I agree that tea is a great remedy!

Rabbit Town Animator dijo...

Ooooh! So cute! Loving the lil blue bird.