domingo, 29 de abril de 2012


What about if I tell you, yesterday during my everyday walks, I saw a rabbit jumping off just right where I was, it was a big rabbit, fat, and with the most beautiful big white tail. Perfect for this week word for IF. "JUMP" Que tal si les digo, que ayer durante mi diaria caminata, ví a un conejo salir saltando justamente de donde me encontraba yo, era un conejo grande, gordo y con una hermosa cola blanca!!, perfecto para el tema semanal de IF, "BRINCO" ALE

4 comentarios:

rossichka dijo...

The point is to believe in yourself!
A very sweet approach to the theme, Ale!:)I believe it was very exciting to see that "fat" rabbit...:0)))

ale balanzario dijo...

I really saw it!!! it was my lucky day,

Have a very nice week Rossichka!!

Mônica dijo...

That's one adorable bunny girl, Ale! And I love bunnies!! :-)

ale balanzario dijo...

Yes, rabbits are so cut, thanks Monica for your comment :o)