lunes, 30 de julio de 2012


Lonely for IF, oh, this word makes Fox feels so lonely and sad, no bird here...for the moment, well, now the question is, where is bird now?

Soledad para IF, y no el nombre, sino el sentimiento, que mal se siente Fox, tan solo sin Bird, bueno, por el momento, y ahora la pregunta es, y en donde andará Bird?


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rossichka dijo...

It went to buy a gift for the Fox, while he was still sleeping! But he got up earlier this morning!

ale balanzario dijo...

Hi Rossichka, yes the Fox might be just like me, likes to sleep a lot, and bird, like a really good early bird, left a note on the table, to let Fox know where was it, but no, Fox didn´t read it, and know, Fox is so lonely!!

Thanks Rossichka, these adventures are getting every day better and better... now, I´ll go to my desk, to see what bird is doing there, and to see if Bird got the right gift for Fox.

Have a nice there in your beautiful country and home.

rossichka dijo...

Oh, your desk keeps the keys to some many questions! I like the adventures that are being born there!... Have a lovely, inspirational week, Ale!:)

ale balanzario dijo...

Oh Rossichka, after your beautiful comment, now I know why my desk looks the way it does, with all those adventures, hard to keep it clean!
Once again, you are right, I can see Fox and Bird, just on my desk, well, lets say having a break, waiting to see what is next... or maybe they are planning a party, and havent tell me anything yet, I better go and have a talk with them.

Have a great day you too Rossichka.

fados do lar dijo...


ale balanzario dijo...

Thank you Fados do lar!