domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2012


Click on photo to see it better...thanks!

One, two, and one more, and another more, oh my!! all these birds are jus IDENTICAL!, and even bird, with no shoes on, can you tell me which one is Bird?

Uno, does, y otro más, y otro más, oh oh!, todos estos pájaros son IDENTICOS!, incluso Bird sin zapatos, puedes decirme cual de todos es Bird?


4 comentarios:

Cindy D. dijo...

Great birds, so cute and funny! Beautiful illustration!

rossichka dijo...

I'm ashamed, but I cannot!:((( Still, isn't he the third from the left on the lowest branches?:))))

ale balanzario dijo...

Thanks Cindy, Im so glad you like this funny birds!!

ale balanzario dijo...

Hello Rossichka, hmmm, could be, that little one doing funny things to the other bird, who is afraid of being on the tree!, has to be him,
That is why the mom of the birds had hard time to remember what bird is what.