martes, 28 de octubre de 2008

Tan ta ta ta!!!! They are here.

Tan ta ta ta!!! como se los dije ayer, ya llegaron, ya están aquí, las brujas. Pues si. como pueden ver, la idea original era para separadores de libros, para aquellas personas que les gusten las brujas a lo largo del año, pero luego vi, que como decoración de mi computadora se ven muy monas.
Si te gustaron de jame un comentario, para que las sortee y te las mande!!!

Tan ta ta ta (that is music for suspense), as I told you yesterday, they are here now, these little witches,. As you can see, the original idea was for book markers, you can use them all year round if you like witches, but then I put them as screen decoration in my computer, and they look cute there.
If you like them, just leave a comment, if you win them I will send them to you !!!
Ale XX

5 comentarios:

Fotf dijo...

Adorable, they could hang around my house all day, i'm sure they would find some myscheif to get into if my son doesn't beat them to it lol!

Anónimo dijo...

Your witches seem rather fairies. They are so cute ! these are kind witches really.

synn dijo...

¡Felicidades! Son una preciosidad, a mi me encantan.

sketched out dijo...

Those are the cutest witches ever! Love their little stripey stockings!

Emily dijo...

These are super cute bookmarks! Congratulations! Hihi… the cat looks rather fond of them as well!