domingo, 28 de marzo de 2010

Angel... always ready to rescue

Angel... always ready to rescue

Para Illustration Friday, que ésta semana la palabra es Rescate, quien mejor, quien siempre listo para nuestro rescate... nuestro Ángel, siempre a nuestro lado.

This week for Illustration Friday, the word is Rescue, who better, who is always ready to go to our rescue, any time, anywhere... our angel, always right next to us.

Have a wonderful week

4 comentarios:

Mônica dijo...

It's so true, Ale, and it's such a comfort to have them by our side :-)

I love how you did the background, and the print on the Angel's clothes...

ale balanzario dijo...

Hola Monica, yes, its always good to have them by our side, they are always taking care of us.

Im glad you like how I did the background and the Angels cloths, Angel like fancy cloths.

have a good week.

Vicki Smith dijo...

Angels are a very nice prompt for the "rescue" theme!!

Sàlvia dijo...

Que bellas ilustraciones. Felicidades por tu trabajo.