miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010



Para dar la bienvenida a la Primavera.

To welcome Spring


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Anónimo dijo...

Bonjour Alexandra,
Happy sprintime to you !
I love your new banner. Great work.

ale balanzario dijo...

Bonjour Helene, Happy springtime to you too. thanks for your visit.

Shirley dijo...

Simply beautiful! And oh my, Frida below is wonderful!!

ale balanzario dijo...

Thanks Shirley!! Im glad you like both,

eLIZabeth Floyd dijo...


This is such a lovely image! Do you ever sell prints? I would love to own this beautiful watercolor! I love the tender way the lady is holding the orchid, the way you introduced pattern in her dress, in her hair, and in the clouds!

ale balanzario dijo...

Thanks for your very nice comment, I havent be able to print pints yet, as Im new on the computer work, but I will love to start selling my art.
Thanks for your interest.