lunes, 22 de noviembre de 2010

What is Christmas for you?

Qué es la Navidad para tí?, yo te lo digo mejor con una ilustración, pero tu, cuentame, qué es la Navidad para ti. Me encantará escucharte!!.

Nos vemos luego.

What is Christmas for you?, me, I better tell you what is Christmas for me with one illustration I just finished, but you, tell me, what is Christmas for you. I would love to know.

See you later.

4 comentarios:

rossichka dijo...

Hello, Ale! For me Christmas and the holidays around it are the most exciting days of the year! In the evening all the family gathers at home and spends the evening, according to our tradition. Before that we all together decorate the house and enjoy ourselves.BUT the Christmas spirit usually comes to me late - close to the feast, because I'm usually very busy with my work during those days!...
Your Christmas card is wonderful!:)

Anónimo dijo...

A very nice illo, Ale.
For me Christmas it is to see the joy in the children's eyes, candles burning at home, Advent wreath, familly gathering and warm friendship and simple things like homemade cookies and chocolates for gifts.

michele dijo...

Hello Ale, Christmas is fun when it's shared with family and friends. For me, that means lots of baking! Your illustration captures the holiday magic so cheerfully - I love the little elf! :o)

Sarah @ Modern Country Style dijo...

What beautifully drawings you do. I love drawing and painting - but I'm no where near as good as you!

I could sit and look at those pictures all day!

I adore everything about Christmas: its meaning, being with my family, decorating...EVERYTHING!