martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

A beautiful card

I won another giveaway, this time, a beautiful card hand made by Rossichka, she lives in Bulgary, and mades great paper cuts, visit her blog Out of the Shell and say hi to her, she is one of the most nice and gentle friend and blogger.
I am so happy I won her giveaway, and now I can have one of her beautiful hand made art cards.
Thanks Rossichka!!

Gane otro sorteo, esta vez una hermosa tarjeta hecha a mano por rossichka, ella vive en Bulgaria, y hace papeles y tarjetas cortados a mano por ella misma, visiten su blog Out of the Shell y pasen a saludarla, ellas es una persona de lo más linda y muy buena amiga.
Estoy feliz de haber ganado su sorteo y ahora tener en mis manos su linda tarjeta!!
Gracias Rossichka!!

Muchos saludos.

2 comentarios:

rossichka dijo...

Dear Ale, I am happy, too! This card travelled a lot before reaching you and finally... here it is, at your home; this is so exciting! I know how you are feeling, because I have won giveaways several times...
Thank you for the nice words, you are so kind and sweet!:)

ale balanzario dijo...

Youre very welcome Rossichka. you deserve every one of my words, youre a very nice person and a great friend.