sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011


Hello dear friends, I have moved to Canada, I had been busy in Mexico, packing, trying to sell and giving away all my things to move to Canada,

Now I have been here for a couple of weeks, getting used to the weather and still doing some paper work, I could only bring one bag in the airplane, but guess what, well that bag was half filled with my watercolors, my brushes and some Arches paper, so now I have some material to keep working on my watercolors, I cant say same about my fabrics for my quilts, I have any!!!, and even I know where to get more watercolors or Arches paper, I havent found a fabric store in the are where I live now, hmmm. Think it will take me some time to find one.

Ill be back soon and will let you more about what I have been doing here.
Mean while have a nice week end.

Hola queridos amigos, me he mudado al Canadá, los últimos días y semanas en México todo el tiempo lo ocupe para cerrar mi casa,

Ya tengo dos semanas aquí, adaptandome al clima sobre todo y todavía haciendo algo de papeleo, en el avión solo pude traer una maleta, ahora son las nuevas reglas en la compañía aérea por la que volé, de manera que solo pude traer muy poco de mis cosas, pero adivinen?, claro, la mitad de la maleta eran mis acuarelas, pinceles y papel Arches para poder seguir pintando, no puedo decir lo mismo sobre mis telas para las colchas, pues por el momento no tengo ninguna, y según veo, me tomará algún tiempo encontrar una tienda de telas en el área en donde vivo, lo que no pasa con las acuarelas, pues ya tengo ubicadas dos tiendas muy buenas de materiales para artistas.
Los dejo ahora, prometo volver pronto y seguir platicandoles sobre mis aventuras en un nuevo país. :o )

Les deseo un lindo fin de semana.

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rossichka dijo...

Dear Ale, it must be very exciting to change not just the house, but the country you live in! Are you going to stay in Canada forever? I'm not surprised that you took with you the most precious stuff - your "tools" for art!! Enjoy yourself at the new place and don't be in a hurry to blog - just take your time to get used to the different world, to your new home!
Wishing you ALL THE BEST!:)

Anónimo dijo...

Bonjour Ale,
How surprising to think that now you are living in Canada. Do you miss the warm weather.
Lately, I was just wondering what you were doing because you did not post so often :o)
What an exiting experience it must be to change your country you live in.
All my best wishes to you dear Ale, and I hope I will learn about you very soon.

Cathy dijo...

Hello Ale. I hope everything will go really well once you have settled into your new home. It is an awful lot to take on board at first. I am sure you will find a fabric shop soon too. I laughed when I read that you had taken your art things with you. I would do the same. I would go mad if I couldn't draw. Have a great week.

barbara dijo...

Wow, what a change! Well, you were right when you chose to bring watercolors with you, you made good use of them. I expecially like the sky. Good luck!