jueves, 18 de diciembre de 2008

Do not forget anything....

Hi there, this time I made a sketch for the shopping list, ya, lets not forget anything, my young friends will need lots and lots of thing for their posada,
one or two pinatas, but better 3
lots of fruit to make the ponche, hot fruited beverage.
mole and others dishes to make tacos. in the best mexican way
lots of tortillas
bunuelos, fried big cookies with a dark sugar syrup.
lots of pops, but this time my friend just got the mexican pops, you know, with guayaba, tamarindo, they taste so good.
many Nochebuenas, to decorate the place.
Candies to fill up the little baskets, ya, if you have been in Mexico for a Posada, just the old way, you might had those little pink and yellow candies most of the people dosent like, but we keep to put them in the bags to give.
And, cant miss this............fireworks, ya lots of them.... escupidores, busca pies, bombas, y las super palomas. ....................... just be careful.

oh, and dont forget to get the Holly Mary and St. Joseph, small so you can put them in a tray, and the little books with the song and prays, and also the little candles and the sparkles.

Now you know, to make a mexican Posada , you need lots of things, and be sure lots of friends will join you to have a wonderful night.................. and this happens every night for 9 days before Christmas.

Ale xx

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